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An Introduction to Green Process Management

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Title: An Introduction to Green Process Management
Author: Sam Windsor
ISBN: 0873897919 / 9780873897914
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 112
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 2011
Availability: Out of Stock
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The intent of this book is to give interested parties an overview of green and its impact on business, without spending countless hours researching the subject. It provides information in a manner that can be used to help businesses determine the role green will play in their futures. The book is not intended as a detailed implementation guide, but as an aid in understanding the current thinking on what green really is and what an organization can do.

The book is presented in three major sections. The first section is intended to give an overall understanding of what is meant by green, a brief history of the environmental movement as it relates to business, trends in carbon measuring and reporting, and definitions of green. The second section discusses standards, certifications, and measurements that relate to green and environmental management. The final section presents methods that may be used to implement and manage green processes within an organization, along with tools and a road map that may be used by those companies seeking to become green. The road map utilizes process improvement tools that will be familiar to many organizations.

List of Figures and Tables

Section 1 : Understanding Green
Section 2 : Standards, Certifications,and References
Section 3 : Implementing and Managing Green

Appendix : Carbon Emissions Survey Form

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