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Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Data

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Title: Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Data
Author: Derek R. Allen and Tanniru R. Rao
ISBN: 0873894537 / 9780873894531
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 243
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 2000
Availability: Out of Stock
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As global competition increases, maintaining customer loyalty is more important than ever. Dissatisfied customers now have many options, with dozens of companies from around the world competing for their business. It is crucial for every organization to retain loyal customers by maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. However, sustaining an environment conducive to customer satisfaction is a difficult task without a strong understanding of the data surrounding customer satisfaction surveys. This is the focus of Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Data, which clearly demonstrates how to interpret the data gathered in customer surveys while explaining how to use this information to improve overall customer satisfaction. Written by industry leaders with years of experience consulting top companies such as General Motors, Bank of America and Met Life, this book offers a step-by-step approach to customer loyalty research in an advanced yet understandable format.

Chapter 1. : The Historical Roots of Customer Satisfaction Research
Chapter 2. : Instrumentation and Scale Research
Chapter 3. : Preparing Customer Satisfaction Data
Chapter 4. : Analysis Framework for Customer Satisfaction Data
Chapter 5. : Dependence Mondels: Toward Relative Importance
Chapter 6. : Exploratory Data Analysis and Problems in Regression Analysis
Chapter 7. : Casual Modeling
Chapter 8. : Interdependence Models
Chapter 9. : Structural Equations with Latent Variables

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