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Coaxial Electrical Circuits for Interference-Free Measurements

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Title: Coaxial Electrical Circuits for Interference-Free Measurements
Author: Bryan Kibble, Jurgen Schurr, Shakil Awan
ISBN: 1849190690 / 9781849190695
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 504
Publisher: IEE
Year: 2011
Availability: Out of Stock
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The National Measurement Laboratories are the source of measurements standards and techniques for the scientific community and are dedicated to establishing and maintaining a consistent international system of units. This requires measurement standards and their dissemination with the lowest possible uncertainty to the scientific community and industry.

To accomplish this careful attention to detail is required in measurement systems designed to be as close to first principles as possible and attaining the best possible measurement resolution by eliminating disturbing influences such as extraneous electrical interference. the aim of this book is to offer guidance and best practice in electrical measurements applicable to any required accuracy level.

The book describes measurements and application of sensitive electrical circuits, with examples of the ultimate in noise-matching and interference elimination, in precise and accurate voltage, current and power measurements demonstrating the elegance, flexibility and utility of coaxial AC bridges. It also serves to up-date an earlier publication by one of the authors and includes more recent work on AC measurements of quantum Hall resistance to provide a primary quantum standard of impedance and the extension of coaxial networks to higher frequencies.

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Chapter 1 : Introduction

Chapter 2 : Sources, Detectors, Cables and Connectors

Chapter 3 : The Concept of a Low-Frequency Coaxial Network

Chapter 4 : Impedance Measurement

Chapter 5 : General Principles of Accurate Impedance Measurement

Chapter 6 : Impedance Standards

Chapter 7 : Transformers

Chapter 8 : General Considerations About Impedance Comparison Networks

Chapter 9 : Bridges to Measure Impedance Ratios

Chapter 10 : Application of Interference-Free Circuitry to Other Measurements


Appendix I

Appendix II

Appendix III

Appendix IV


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