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Customer-Driven Healthcare : QFD for Process Improvement and Cost Reduction

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Title: Customer-Driven Healthcare : QFD for Process Improvement and Cost Reduction
Author: Ed M.D. Chaplin, John Terninko
ISBN: 0873894715 / 9780873894715
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 316
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 2000
Availability: Out of Stock
  • Contents

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Part 1 : Healthcare Perspective
Chapter 1. : The Context and the Challenge
Chapter 2. : Barriers to Patient-Focused Services and Systems
Chapter 3. : The Cell: A Model for an Organization
Chapter 4. : Overview of the Tool Set: A Hospital-Based Case Study

Part 2 : Step-by-Step Healthcare QFD
Chapter 5. : Organizational Readiness
Chapter 6. : Priority of Customer Segments
Chapter 7. : Understanding Your Customer
Chapter 8. : From Customer Voice to Design Team Voice
Chapter 9. : Key Functions
Chapter 10. : Failure Modes and Root Cause Analysis
Chapter 11. : Creating and Selecting Concepts for Service Delivery
Chapter 12. : Task Deployment
Chapter 13. : Closing the Loop: “Satisfaction Deployment”
Chapter 14. : Blitz QFD
Chapter 15. : Epilogue

Appendix A : Sample Forms
Appendix B : Glossary of Phrases
Appendix C : Taguchi’s Loss Function
Appendix D : TRIZ, A Theory of Inventive Problem Solving
Appendix E : Case Study Complex Evaluation
Appendix F : QFD Healthcare Case Study-Emergency Department: Remodeling and Design by James Bruer
Appendix G : QFD Healthcare Case Study-Rehab Concepts: Service Line Development by James Bruer
Appendix H : Health Care and Healthcare-Related Articles by Joe Miller

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