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Customer Satisfaction Research Management

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Title: Customer Satisfaction Research Management
Author: Derek Allen
ISBN: 0873895932 / 9780873895934
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 264
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 2004
Availability: Out of Stock
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Successful organizations have shifted from being product-based organizations to customer-based organizations, and customer satisfaction management (CSM) is an integral aspect of this new way of thinking. Successfully measuring customer satisfaction can be complicated and very detailed, requiring a great deal of in depth research and analysis. Customer Satisfaction Research Management is intended for advanced service quality managers and marketing researchers involved in the management of customer satisfaction programs. This is the third book in a series by author Derek Allen, focusing on customer satisfaction measurement, analysis, and implementation. Allen begins with the assumption that the reader has at least a minimal familiarity with the psychometric aspects of customer satisfaction measurement, statistical analysis, and linkage research that attempts to establish a causal relationship between customer attitudes and business outcomes. He then builds on this base to first discuss the theoretical relationship between customer satisfaction and financial performance, and then to dive deep into specific applications of customer satisfaction programs. Some of the areas covered include dealing with the challenges of conducting global customer satisfaction measurement programs, linking performance metrics to management compensation systems and financial outcomes, and results deployment.

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Chapter 1 : Customer Satisfaction, Retention, and Profitability
Chapter 2 : Tracking and Reporting Customer Satisfaction Metrics
Chapter 3 : Linking CSM to Management Incentives: Theoretical Foundation
Chapter 4 : Linking CSM to Management Incentives: Quantitative Approaches
Chapter 5 : Implementing Key-Driver Results
Chapter 6 : CRM and Customer Satisfaction
Chapter 7 : Linking Customer Satisfaction to Business Outcomes
Chapter 8 : Managing Global CSM Projects
Chapter 9 : Linking Customer Feedback to Business Processes
Chapter 10 : Creating and Managing Loyalty Segments

Appendix A
Appendix B

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