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Customer Satisfaction Toolkit for ISO 9001:2000

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Title: Customer Satisfaction Toolkit for ISO 9001:2000
Author: Sheila Kessler
ISBN: 0873895592 / 9780873895590
Format: Spiral Bound
Pages: 80
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 2003
Availability: Out of Stock
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Customer-driven companies consistently demonstrate much better performance than other companies, showing a higher profit, increased employee growth, and greater returns on assets. In addition to these benefits to the bottom-line, companies are now required to have a solid customer satisfaction system in place to achieve ISO 9001:2000 certification. To help achieve this, best selling author and renowned customer satisfaction expert, Sheila Kessler has written this easy-to-use toolkit which provides the basic tools currently being used in customer satisfaction systems, and shows how they can be applied in meeting ISO 9001:2000 requirements.

Customer Satisfaction Toolkit for ISO 9001:2000 is a complete reference that provides the specific and necessary information required to establish a solid customer satisfaction system. The book is well written and concise, containing the tools and techniques needed to meet the requirements of the customer satisfaction section of ISO 9000:2000. Customer Satisfaction Toolkit for ISO 9001:2000 is especially beneficially for small to mid-sized companies, as well as those who are just getting started in establishing a customer satisfaction system.

System and Science of Measurement
Customer Needs Assessment
Customer Satisfaction Measures
Customer Compliant Resolution
Analysis and Decision Making: Balanced Scorecards
Action & Review
Sample Procedure Template
Sample Quality Manual

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