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Decision Process Quality Management

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Title: Decision Process Quality Management
Author: Mawby, William D.
ISBN: 0873896335 / 9780873896337
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 144
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 2005
Availability: In Stock
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There is a forgotten process in modern quality management that is preventing many companies from reaching their full potential for improvement – and that is the decision making process. Some decisions have clear consequences or dramatic impacts on an organizations bottom line, but there are untold numbers of other decisions that are made every working day by every employee that are absolutely critical to company performance. This book takes the novel approach that decisions can be treated as products – and one improves decisions by improving the processes that produce them. This guidebook shows you how to adapt the proven tools of total quality management (TQM) to decision processes. It shows the specific adaptations necessary to apply capability, measurement systems analysis, Six Sigma and lean manufacturing to decision-making processes.

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Chapter 1 : The Impact of Bad Decisions
Chapter 2 : Where Decision Processes Fit into Quality Management
Chapter 3 : The Identification of Decision Processes
Chapter 4 : The Measurement of Decision Processes
Chapter 5 : Critical Factors Affecting Decision Process Quality
Chapter 6 : Determining Decision Process Capability
Chapter 7 : Lean Manufacturing Applied to Decision Processes
Chapter 8 : Failure Mode and Effect Analysis of Decision Processes
Chapter 9 : Control Charts for Decision Processes
Chapter 10 : Decision Process Improvement via Designed Experiments
Chapter 11 : Algorithmic Statistical Process Control for Decision Processes
Chapter 12 : Implementing A Decision Process Quality Management Program


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