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SAE J1674 : 2018

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SAE J1674 : 2018
Title: Early Acquisition and Preservation of Information in a Motor Vehicle Crash

Pages: 15
Year: 2018
Publisher: SAE
Availability: Within 1-2 working days
  • Description

The purpose of this SAE Standard is to offer simplified and prioritized guidelines for collecting and preserving on-scene data related to motor vehicle accidents. It is intended that these guidelines improve the effectiveness of data collection, which will assist subsequent analysis and reconstruction of a particular incident. The document is to guide early data collectors whose objectives include documenting information related to the incident. it may be used by law enforcement personnel, safety officials, insurance adjusters and other interested parties. The document identifies categories of scene physical features that deteriorate relatively quickly and recomends documentation task priorities. Detailed methods of collecting data are not part of this document. However, some widely used methods are described in the references in Seciton 2.

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