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Integrating QS-9000 with Your Automotive Quality System, Expanded 3rd Edition

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Title: Integrating QS-9000 with Your Automotive Quality System, Expanded 3rd Edition
Author: D. H. Stamatis
ISBN: 0873894545 / 9780873894548
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 525
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 1999
Availability: Out of Stock
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This detailed reference was the first of its kind to discuss the requirements for QS-9000 certification. Written for automotive suppliers and manufacturers responsible for developing a quality strategy for achieving high quality standards, this book serves as an overview and critical interpretation of the ISO 9000 quality standards and the QS-9000 requirements.

In this revised and expanded edition to his best-selling book, Integrating QS-9000 with Your Automotive Quality System, D. H. Stamatis explains the changes to the QS-9000 requirements. The author also introduces some issues regarding the applicability of audits and auditors to the industry perspective. Two new chapters dealing with auditors and auditing have been added to address concerns most often expressed by those involved with an evaluation.

A new chapter discusses the environmental impacts relating to QS-9000 and the role ISO 14000 plays in the QS-9000 arena. The VDA 6 German requirement is also introduced. You'll find a full quality manual (QM) to demonstrate how a QM can be written in a paragraph format combining the elements with the subelements of the standard. Two revised appendices offer an overview of the production part approval process (PPAP) and the advanced product quality planning process (APQP).


Chapter 1 : A General Introduction to Quality Standards
Chapter 2 : Quality Vocabulary
Chapter 3 : Quality System Requirements
Chapter 4 : QS-9000: The Revised Automotive Requirements
Chapter 5 : Third-Party Assessments
Chapter 6 : Concern and Issues About Third-Party Registration and Auditing Training (Optional)
Chapter 7 : Documentation and Auditing
Chapter 8 : The Seven Pack-References for Documentation and Auditing
Chapter 9 : Implementation Strategy for ISO 9000 Series Standards and QS-9000
Chapter 10 : Environmental, Health, and Safety Issues for Management System Integration of the ISO 14001 Relationship to QS-9000
Chapter 12 : ISO 9000 Other Quality Systems
Chapter 13 : The Future of the ISO 9000 Series and QS-9000

Appendix A : An Examples of a Quality Manual
Appendix B : Typical Auditing Expectations on a Per-Element Basis
Appendix C : Training Curriculum
Appendix D : Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
Appendix E : Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
Appendix F : General Information and Publications
Selected Bibliography

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