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Lean Manufacturing Implementation : A Complete Execution Manual for Any Size Manufacturer

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Title: Lean Manufacturing Implementation : A Complete Execution Manual for Any Size Manufacturer
Author: Dennis P. Hobbs
ISBN: 8131510891 / 9788131510896
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 264
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Year: 2014
Availability: Out of Stock
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LEAN Manufacturing Implementation: A Complete Execution Manual for Any Size Manufacturer
This proven, easy-to-understand “how to” manual gives you the progressive steps to factory transformation to Lean without the aid of a consultant : It provides a toolbox of techniques for problem solving, continuous improvement, and for operating a Lean manufacturing facility on a day-to-day basis after the initial line design is completed : The book also features Kanban strategies for managing inventory including Single-Card and Multiple-Card Kanban Systems :

  • Provides complete guidance for factory conversion to Lean manufacturing without the aid of a consultant
  • Discusses how Lean lines are designed to meet future demand and the factors that impact throughput, scrap, rework, and optionality
  • Covers resource identification, calculation, line design, operational definition, and quality at the task level
  • Explains pull chains and pull sequences and how replenishment time is used to affect inventory velocity and impact inventory turns
  • Explores how company culture is changed, identifies the challenges of implementation, and justifies Lean transformation in dollars and cents, plus much more
  • Offers free downloadable worksheets, charts, templates, checklists, and a glossary of Lean manufacturing terms—available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com

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Part I : The Benefits of Implementing a Lean Manufacturing System
Chapter 1 :
History and Modern Applications of Lean Manufacturing
Chapter 2 : Performing a Strategic Business Analysis

Part II : The Methodologies for Transforming Your Facility to Lean Manufacturing
Chapter 3 :
Understanding Your Products, Processes, and Demand
Chapter 4 : Line Layout and Workstation Identification with Process Linking and Balancing
Chapter 5 : The Kanban Strategies
Chapter 6 : Managing Inventory with the Kanban System

Part III : Project Management for Implementation, Line Start-Up, Daily Operations, and Performance Measurements
Chapter 7 :
Team Establishment
Chapter 8 : The Lean Implementation Milestones Checklist
Chapter 9 : Managing the Lean Manufacturing Line


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