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Microwave and RF Design : A Systems Approach, 2nd Edition

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Title: Microwave and RF Design : A Systems Approach, 2nd Edition
Author: Michael Steer
ISBN: 1613530218 / 9781613530214
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 1194
Publisher: IEE
Year: 2013
Availability: Out of Stock
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This second edition links two key themes; how system level decisions affect component and subsystem design and how the capabilities of technologies, components, and subsystems impact system design.

The book has been updated and considerably expanded with current wireless systems and sections on 4G and the technologies behind 5G cellular communications. A new chapter on RF modules has been introduced, as well as chapters on Mixer and Source Modules, Parallel Coupled Line Filters, Wideband Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers and Oscillators.

Based on feedback from the academic and professional communities, Dr Steer has made extensive improvements to this textbook including:

  • Reorganised and updated material from the 1st Edition
  • Six new chapters
  • 10 real-world case studies of leading edge designs
  • 45 worked examples
  • 4G and the technologies behind 5G cellular communications
  • 19 additional exercises per chapter
  • Addition of answers to selected exercises


Part I : RF Systems
Chapter 1 :
Modulation, Transmitters and Receivers
Chapter 2 : Antennas and RF Link
Chapter 3 : Radio Frequency Systems

Part II : Transmission Lines
Chapter 4 :
Transmission Lines
Chapter 5 : Planar Transmission Lines
Chapter 6 : Extraordinary Transmission Line Effects
Chapter 7 : Coupled Lines and Applications

Part III : Microwave Networks
Chapter 8 :
Microwave Network Analysis
Chapter 9 : Graphical Microwave Network Analysis and Measurements
Chapter 10 : Passive Components
Chapter 11 : Impedance Matching

Part IV : Microwave Modules
Chapter 12 :
RF and Microwave Modules
Chapter 13 : Mixer and Source Modules

Part V : Filters
Chapter 14 :
Chapter 15 : Parallel Coupled Line Filters

Part VI : Amplifiers and Oscillators
Chapter 16 :
Linear Amplifiers
Chapter 17 : Wideband Amplifiers
Chapter 18 : Power Amplifiers
Chapter 19 : Oscillators


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