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Power and Communcation Cables : Theory and Applications

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Title: Power and Communcation Cables : Theory and Applications
Author: R. Bartnikas
ISBN: 0780311965 / 9780780311961
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 880
Publisher: IEEE
Year: 2000
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Power and communication cables are frequently installed adjacent to each other, and hybrid cables that contain both power conductors and communication lines are increasingly popular. Power and Communication Cables is a convenient, single-source volume written for utility maintenance engineers, cable production and design engineers, and students to expand their knowledge of both types of cables in the power and communications fields. With contributions from leaders in the field, this book presents a detailed treatment of solid-liquid, polymeric, compressed gas, and cryogenic cables used in power transmission and distribution. In the area of communication, the contributors address the use of metallic conductor multipair and coaxial cables, as well as optical fiber cables.

Power and Communication Cables provides in-depth discussion of the design, manufacture, testing, installation, and operation of power and communication cables. You will find essential information on the properties of materials and learn how they influence cable characteristics. Moreover, this interdisciplinary reference provides theoretical and practical insights into various aspects of cable engineering in both power and communication systems.


Chapter 1 : Cables : A Chronological Perspective
Chapter 2 : Characteristics of Cable Materials
Chapter 3 : Design and Manufacture of Extruded Solid-Dielectric Power Distribution Cables
Chapter 4 : Extruded Solid-Dielectric Power Transmission Cables
Chapter 5 : Design and Manufacture of Oil-Impregnated Paper Insulated Power Distribution Cables
Chapter 6 : Low-Pressure Oil-Filled Power Transmission Cables
Chapter 7 : High-Pressure Oil-Filled Pipe-Type Power Transmission Cables
Chapter 8 : Voltage Breakdown and Other Electrical Tests on Power Cables
Chapter 9 : Dissipation Factor, Partial-Discharge, and Electrical Aging Tests on Power Cables
Chapter 10 : Field Tests and Accessories for Polymeric Power Distribution Cables
Chapter 11 : Power Cable Systems
Chapter 12 : Cryogenic and Compressed Gas Insulated Power Cables
Chapter 13 : Underwater Power Cables
Chapter 14 : High-Voltage Direct-Current Cables
Chapter 15 : Telephone Cables
Chapter 16 : Undersea Coaxial Communication Cables
Chapter 17 : Terrestrial and Underwater Optical Fiber Cables

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