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Practical Metallurgy and Materials of Industry, 5th Edition

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Title: Practical Metallurgy and Materials of Industry, 5th Edition
Author: John Neely, Tom Bertone
ISBN: 0136245528 / 9780136245520
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 461
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Year: 2000
Availability: Out of Stock
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This practical introduction to engineering materials/metallurgy maintains a low mathematical level designed for two-year technical programs and four year engineering technology. The easy-to-read, highly accessible Fifth Edition now includes many of the latest industry processes that change the physical and mechanical properties of materials and is highly recommended as a “materials processing” reference handbook in support of Design, Process, Electrical and Chemical technicians and engineers. Math theory is minimized and the appreciation of theory is emphasized.


Chapter 1 : Extracting Metals from Ores
Chapter 2 : Casting Processes
Chapter 3 : The Physical and Mechanical Properties of Metals
Chapter 4 : The Crystal Structure of Metals and Phase Diagrams
Chapter 5 : Identification and Selection of Iron Alloys
Chapter 6 : The Manufacturing of Steel Products
Chapter 7 : The Iron-Carbon Phase Diagram
Chapter 8 : I-T/T-T-T Diagrams and Cooling Curves
Chapter 9 : Heat Treating Equipment
Chapter 10 : Annealing, Stress Relieving and Normalizing
Chapter 11 : Hardening and Tempering of Steel
Chapter 12 : Hardenability of Steels
Chapter 13 : Welding Processes for Iron and Iron Alloys
Chapter 14 : Identification of Nonferrous Metals
Chapter 15 : Heat Treating of Nonferrous Metals
Chapter 16 : Metallurgy of Welds : Nonferrous Metals
Chapter 17 : Powder Metallurgy
Chapter 18 : Precious Metal Processing
Chapter 19 : Corrosion of Metals
Chapter 20 : Nondestructive Testing
Chapter 21 : Composite Materials
Chapter 22 : Plastics and Elastomers
Chapter 23 : Ceramic Materials
Chapter 24 : Wood and Paper Products
Chapter 25 : Adhesives and Industrial Lubricants and Gases
Chapter 26 : Hardness Testing
Chapter 27 : Failure Analysis

Appendix 1 : Industrial Methods of Specimen Preparation
Appendix 2 : Tables
Appendix 3 : Self-Evaluation Answers

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