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Process Pipe & Tube Welding : A Guide to Welding Process Options,Techniques,Equipment,NDT & Codes

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Title: Process Pipe & Tube Welding : A Guide to Welding Process Options,Techniques,Equipment,NDT & Codes
Author: W. Lucas W Lucas(Editor) W. Lucas(Editor)
ISBN: 185573012X / 9781855730120
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 160
Publisher: Abington Publishing
Year: 1991
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The welding of tubes is an essential requirement in the fabrication of components in many industries. The original idea for this book came from a seminar organized by The Welding Institute which attracted over 100 specialists concerned with design, fabrication, production and quality assurance and yielded a number of valuable papers. "Process Pipe and Tube Welding" contains some of these papers together with additional chapters to provide comprehensive coverage of all aspects of tube welding from initial design considerations through production to final inspection. In the first three chapters the authors outline the process and equipment options available for both manual and mechanized welding. This is essential for design and production planning when faced with the choice of competing processes such as MMA, MIG, TIG or plasma, helping engineers make the right choice for particular applications and ensuring the most cost effective welding techniques are employed. Five further chapters are devoted to the application of tube welding in the aero-engine, ship building, power generation, petrochemical and chemical plant industries with numerous details on processes, materials, techniques and equipment. The welding parameters and production data provided by the authors are a valuable source of information and will help engineers to overcome problems in production.

This title includes Process options and manual techniques for welding pipework fabrications; Mechanised arc welding process options for pipework fabrications; Process techniques and equipment for mechanised TIG welding of tubes; Welding pipes for aero-engines; TIG welding pipework for ships; Automatic tube welding in boiler fabrication; TIG and MIG welding developments for fabrication of plant for the chemical, petrochemical, and offshore oil and gas industries; Fabrication of aluminium process pipework; A fabrication system for site mechanical construction; Qualification of welding procedures for the chemical process industry; Non-destructive examination of welds in small diameter pipes.


Chapter 1. : Process Options and Manual Techniques for Welding Pipework Fabrications
Chapter 2. : Mechanised Arc Welding Process Options for Pipework Fabrications
Chapter 3. : Process Techniques and Equipment for Mechanised TIG Welding of Tubes
Chapter 4. : Welding Pipes for Aero Engines
Chapter 5. : TIG Welding Pipework for Ships
Chapter 6. : Automatic Tube Welding in Boiler Fabrication
Chapter 7. : TIG and MIG Welding Developments for Fabrication of Plant for The Chemical, Petrochemical and Offshore Oil and Gas Industries
Chapter 8. : Fabrication of Aluminium Process Pipework
Chapter 9. : A Fabrication System for Site Mechanical Construction
Chapter 10. : Qualification of Welding Procedures for The Chemical Process Industry
Chapter 11. : Non-Destructive Examination of Welds in Small Diameter Pipes


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