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Reengineering the Organization : A Step-By-Step Approach to Corporate Revitalization

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Title: Reengineering the Organization : A Step-By-Step Approach to Corporate Revitalization
Author: Jeffrey N. Lowenthal
ISBN: 0873892585 / 9780873892582
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 185
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 1994
Availability: In Stock
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The relatively new concept of reengineering is causing confusion, excitement, and even apprehension for organizations unsure of where or how to begin this complex process. This book cuts straight to the essentials of reengineering and helps readers build a realistic plan for organizational improvement. Hands-on activities and other instructional tools simplify the reengineering process into attainable steps any manager will understand.


Part I : Building a Foundation
Chapter 1 :
Organizations and the Need for Change
Chapter 2 : A Simple Explanation of Change Theory
Chapter 3 : Organizational Reengineering

Part II : Phase I Preparing for Change
Chapter 4 :
Setting the Founation
Chapter 5 : Reengineering Steps

Part III : Phase II Planning for Change
Chapter 6 :
Planning for the Future
Chapter 7 : Regineering Steps

Part IV : Phase III Designing Change
Chapter 8 :
Defining a Process
Chapter 9 : Reengineering Steps - Part 1
Chapter 10 : Reengineering Steps - Part 2
Chapter 11 : Reengineering Steps - Part 3
Chapter 12 : Reengineering Steps - Part 4

Part V : Phase IV Evaluating Change
Chapter 13 :
Evaluating the Improvement

Concluding Comments
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