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Six Sigma for the Office: A Pocket Guide

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Title: Six Sigma for the Office: A Pocket Guide
Author: Munro, Roderick A.
ISBN: 0873895649 / 9780873895644
Pages: 176
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 2003
Availability: Out of Stock
  • Description

The principles of Six Sigma are being used in nearly every industry to reduce waste and improve performance. However, most books on the subject are written only for those in manufacturing, and specifically for engineers or those with a high level of technical expertise. Meanwhile those working in offices receive little or no information on how to use Six Sigma in their environments. Now best-selling author Rod Munro has written a convenient book explaining the tools of Six Sigma, specifically tailored to those in the office. Six Sigma for the Office: A Pocket Guide is a convenient guide for anyone working on Six Sigma projects in non-manufacturing environments. Specifically written for those at the green belt level, this book will help explain the Six Sigma tools and show how they apply to those working in an office. All of the examples in the book are taken from the office environment, so office workers will easily identify and be able to apply these tools in their own jobs.

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