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Strategic Six Sigma for Champions: Keys to Sustainable Competitive Advantage

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Title: Strategic Six Sigma for Champions: Keys to Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Author: R. Eric Reidenbach and Reginald W. Goeke
ISBN: 8131707318 / 9788131707319
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 152
Publisher: Pearson
Year: 2007
Availability: Out of Stock
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Recent advances in the measurement and management of customer value now make it a powerful tool for identifying and prioritizing Six Sigma projects. No longer do champions or black belts have to rely solely on costs to justify the selection of Six Sigma projects. Now the real power and potential of Six Sigma can be turned to its strategic purpose – create and sustain value differences that will translate into greater market share and enhanced profitability.This book has two objectives. The first is to provide the reader with an approach for using the voice of the customer to identify Six Sigma projects and to guide their conduct. The second objective is to show the reader how to obtain the correct voice of the customer – customer value.Customer value is not new. What is new is our ability to measure it. And with this newly discovered ability to measure customer value comes an opportunity to inform Six Sigma projects and initiatives to make them more responsive to customer needs and more responsive to the organization’s bottom line. Let the voice be heard!

List of Tables and Figures
Chapter 1: Value Matters
Emotional versus Coginitive Responses
The Interaction between Quality and Price
Linkage to Performance
Six Sigma Projects Need a Strategic Metric
What Is a Good Strategic Metric?
Linking Value to Processes
Chapter 2: Value Tools
Understanding Market Value: The Customer Value Model
Understanding Your Competitive Value Proposition: The Competitive Value Matrix
Chapter 3: Identifying Critical Processes for Value Enhancement
Calculate Critical Value Gaps
Identify the Value Stream
Constructing the CTQ/Process Matrix
Target Processes of Six Sigma Projects
Looking Ahead
Chapter 4: Good measurement begins with focus
Strategic Criteria
Chapter 5: Asking the Right Questions
Marketing and Salespeople
Chapter 6: Questionnaire Construction
Secreening for the Right Respondent
Questionnaire Layout and Structure
Why Is Good Measurement So Important to Six Sigma?
Chapter 7: Sampling & Data Collection
Data Collection
Sampling Approaches
Sample Sizes
Chapter 8: Pre Modeling Issues

Chapter 9: Monitoring Changes in Value Gaps
Internal Performance Metrics
Transactional Measures of Customer Value
Diagnostic Snapshots
Alignment of Business Information Systems
Chapter 10: Keys to the Strategic Deployment of Six Sigma
CW 1: Listen to the VOC
CW 2: Customer Satisfaction is the Goal
CW 3: More Than One Customer
Make Your Strategic Six Sigma Initiative Part of Your Competitive Strategy
Evolve to a Market Focus
Set Up a Fact-Based Process to Eliminate Agendas
Monitor Changes in the Organizations's Value Proposition
Commit to Periodic Customer Analyses

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