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The Six Sigma Journey from Art to Science

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Title: The Six Sigma Journey from Art to Science
Author: Larry Walters
ISBN: 0873895525 / 9780873895521
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 216
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 2002
Availability: Out of Stock
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Often the most difficult part of the Six Sigma process is getting everyone to understand and completely support the initiative. This is the focus of The Six Sigma Journey from Art to Science, which explains the Six Sigma process in a very understandable and easy-to-read manner. The book is a fictional novel which follows the main character as he implements Six Sigma in his company. It chronicles the deployment of Six Sigma along with the real events that happen as companies implement Six Sigma, including the people who oppose it, what is needed to make Six Sigma work, and the many successes and the failures along the way. Through the use of examples and the lives of the characters, the reader gains an understanding of not only the technical aspect of Six Sigma but also the human side. Because the book is more motivational than technical the reader gets a much better understanding of why Six Sigma is successful. An ideal book for any company looking to get started in Six Sigma, or those experienced in Six Sigma hoping to better educate employees on the process.

List of Characters

Chapter 1 : It’s an Art, Not a Science
Chapter 2 : Decision Making
Chapter 3 : Career Progression
Chapter 4 : Economics
Chapter 5 : The Visionary
Chapter 6 : Problems, Problems, Problems
Chapter 7 : Cleveland Bound
Chapter 8 : Six Sigma in Action
Chapter 9 : The Big Sell
Chapter 10 : The Leader
Chapter 11 : Step Up to The Plate
Chapter 12 : The Plan
Chapter 13 : Executive Training Begins
Chapter 14 : Executive Training: Define and Measure
Chapter 15 : Executive Training: Analyze
Chapter 16 : Executive Training: Improve
Chapter 17 : Executive Training: Control
Chapter 18 : The Decision
Chapter 19 : Setting The Stage
Chapter 20 : Our Event
Chapter 21 : The Big Rumor
Chapter 22 : People Really Do Care
Chapter 23 : The Blackbelts
Chapter 24 : The Auction
Chapter 25 : Blackbelt Training: Define and Measure
Chapter 26 : Blackbelt Training: Analyze
Chapter 27 : Blackbelt Training: Improve
Chapter 28 Blackbelt Training; Control
Chapter 29 : The Results Roll In
Chapter 30 : Certification
Chapter 31 : Three Months Later

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