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The Transition to Agile Manufacturing

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Title: The Transition to Agile Manufacturing
Author: Joseph C. Montgomery, Lawrence O. Levine
ISBN: 0873893476 / 9780873893473
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 327
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 1996
Availability: Out of Stock
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Staying competitive in today's manufacturing climate keeps getting tougher, and often middle to upper managers are told to do more with less. Manufacturers must be able to develop and produce customized products rapidly to meet ever-changing customer needs.
In The Transition to Agile Manufacturing, experts from Batteley Pacific Northwest National Laboratories describe how manufacturing companies can quickly mobilize their resources to gain a competitive edge. Discover how agile manufacturing can rapidly develop new products and produce fast and flexible responses to customer needs. Practical tips on organizational alignment and agility are offered in down-to-earth terms. Beneficial for all organizations, this low-cost approach to agile manufacturing is especially helpful for small to mind-sized manufacturers with limited resources.
Packed with more than 40 figures and tables, this book provides practical tips on how to get started and how to avoid potential pitfalls. The Transition to Agile Manufacturing applies proven techniques and practices to help you increase flexibility, reduce cycle times, and introduce new products more quickly as you speed past the competition.

  • This excellent reference will help you to
  • Understand what it takes to become a successful agile organization.
  • Learn about the change-management issues associated with the transformation to agility.
  • Stay on top of the technical and engineering aspects of becoming agile.
  • Address key business and organizational issues such as competition, customer satisfaction, and management.


Chapter 1 :
The Agile Production System
Chapter 2 : Managing Systemwide Change
Chapter 3 : Creating New Systems
Chapter 4 : Integrated Work Process Redesign
Chapter 5 : Agile Practices
Chapter 6 : Implementing Technology to Enhance Agility
Chapter 7 : Strategic Direction
Chapter 8 : Performance Measures
Chapter 9 : Creating the Learning Factory
Chapter 10 : Management in the Agile Organization


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