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The Whats, Whys, & How of Quality Improvement..

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Title: The Whats, Whys, & How of Quality Improvement..
Author: George L. Miller, La Rue L. Krumm
ISBN: 087389183X / 9780873891837
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 298
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 1992
Availability: Out of Stock
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As executive align their companies to new quality paradigms, an increasing number of empowered, self-managed teams are emerging and providing the necessary quality focus from the ground floor.
Writing from the worker's perspective, the authors examine how self-managed teams and quality improvement teams can solve problems in an efficient, cooperative way. They show how to use practical methods for selecting tasks, defining team and management responsibilities, planning, and preparation. They outline statistical process control guidelines that will detect and eventually prevent production flaws that lead to wasted resources. The book also includes:

The basic statistics needed by most self-managed teams.
A comprehensive glossary of quality terms.
A how-to handbook for continuous quality improvement teams.
An introduction to statistical process control

Chapter 1. The Whys and the Whos
Chapter 2. Management Philosophy
Chapter 3. Culture Change
Chapter 4. Teams
Chapter 5. Zero in on Causes
Chapter 6. Avoiding Pitfalls
Chapter 7. Statistical Process Control
Chapter 8. The Basic SPC Tools
Chapter 9. Process Capability
Chapter 10. Advanced Topics
Answers to Selected Problems

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