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Total Quality Service: A Simplified Approach to Using the Baldridge Award Criteria

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Title: Total Quality Service: A Simplified Approach to Using the Baldridge Award Criteria
Author: Sheila Kessler
ISBN: 0873893360 / 9780873893367
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 143
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 1995
Availability: Out of Stock
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This easy, step-by-step approach to implementing a quality program in the service industry applies the Baldridge criteria in three main sections. The "what to do" section walks readers through beginning a quality effort in a logical outline format, including plans, processes, and tools. The "how to do it" section fully defines each process or tool. Supported by examples and success stories from the Baldridge Award winners and hopefuls, this book highlights the critical concepts, processes, plans, and tools to creating a quality system. Total Quality Service also includes: a definition of Total Quality Service and the requirements for successful implementation; a Total Quality Service roadmap including elements such as leadership, strategic planning, human resource development, and process management; techniques for measuring customer satisfaction, like surveys, focus groups, interviews, as well as tips on benchmarking.

Part 1. : Introduction
Part 2. : What to Do
Part 3. : How to Do It
1.0. : Leadership
2.0. : Information and Analysis Tools
3.0. : Customer Focus and Satisfaction
4.0. : Strategic Planning
5.0. : Human Resource Development and Management
6.0. : Process Management
7.0. : Business Results
Part 4. : Resources

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