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Value-Based Metrics for Improving Results : An Enterprise Project Management Toolkit

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Title: Value-Based Metrics for Improving Results : An Enterprise Project Management Toolkit
Author: Mel Schnapper, Steven Rollins
ISBN: 1932159258 / 9781932159257
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 438
Publisher: J.ROSS Publishing
Year: 2006
Availability: Out of Stock
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Value-Based Metrics for Improving Results illustrates how to establish, implement and manage an effective metrics program for achieving improved performance in your business and in attainment of your professional or personal goals. Featuring and implementation roadmap that can be applied in most any organization, this book presents a unique, universal methodology for developing and using metrics as a management tool to baseline, monitor, manage, improve, align and reward performance of most any business function at any level.

  • Establishes a shift in thinking from activity, input, and throughput to a focus on appropriate investments of time, effort and money for improving results.
  • Enables the measurable definition of what constitutes "value, priorities” and establishes an objective language and measures for discussing enterprise initiatives and IT investments, teamwork, leadership, quality and much more.
  • Provides a process for aligning strategic, annual, functional, and departmental objectives at the corporate level and includes an internal monitoring system for responding rapidly to internal or external changes.
  • Develops near absolute clarity regarding manager-employee deliverables, expectations of managerial support, nature of interdependencies, and allocation of resources, which will improve teamwork within and between departments.
  • Includes a business case for implementing a project management metrics program and over 200 Metrics that focus on specific value of utilization; relation to delivery speed of measured objective and cultural safety; and fraud sensitivity.

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Part 1 : Defining the Methodology
Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : The Value of a Metrics Methodology on Business
Chapter 3 : What is Value?
Chapter 4 : How to Create and Exceed Value
Chapter 5 : Alignment of All Metrics
Chapter 6 : Skills-Building Exercises

Part II : 3Ms Measurement Program for The Organization
Chapter 7 : Metrics and Program / Project Management
Chapter 8 : Role / Authority / Decision Making
Chapter 9 : Metrics and Corporate Culture
Chapter 10 : Initiatives That Support The 3Ms
Chapter 11 : Other Applications of 3Ms Methodology
Chapter 12 : Applying Theory of Constraints the TOC Way
Chapter 13 : The Value Proposition of an Organizational Project-Based Metrics Program

Part III : 3Ms Measurement Tools for the Organization
Chapter 14 : The Metric Profile Template
Chapter 15 : Project Management Context
Chapter 16 : Management Oversight
Chapter 17 : Project Integration Management
Chapter 18 : Project Scope Management
Chapter 19 : Project Time Management
Chapter 20 : Project Cost Management
Chapter 21 : Project Quality Management
Chapter 22 : Project Human Resource Management
Chapter 23 : Project Communications Management
Chapter 24 : Project Risk Management
Chapter 25 : Project Procurement Management
Chapter 26 : Project Fraud Management
Chapter 27 : Project Management Office Management

Part IV : Realizing the Value Proposition of an Implemented Measurement Program for your  Organization
Chapter 28 : Metrics Maturity Model
Chapter 29 : Road Map Schedule for Implementing a 3M’s Measurement Program
Chapter 30 : Business Case for Implementing a 3Ms Metrics Program
Chapter 31 : Summary


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