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20 Keys to Workplace Improvement

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Title: 20 Keys to Workplace Improvement
Author: Iwao Kobayashi
ISBN: 1563271095 / 9781563271090
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 302
Publisher: Productivity Press
Year: 2013
Availability: In Stock
Special Indian Edition Priced at Rs. 2095/-. FREE Shipping within India. Delivery : Within 2 to 4 working days.
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20 Keys has helped many manufacturing companies integrate the top manufacturing improvement methods into a coordinated system for drastic and continual improvement in involvement, quality, and productivity. This program provides the strategies necessary to achieve ambitious goals through a five-level scoring system.

The revised edition is improved with upgraded criteria for the five-level scoring system to guide your company to world-class status. New material and updated layout make implementation even easier. Two valuable case studies demonstrate effective use by both a Japanese company and an American manufacturer.

Key 1 : Cleaning and Organizing
Key 2 : Rationalizing the System/Management of Objectives
Key 3 : Improving Team Activities
Key 4 : Reducing Inventory (Shortening Lead Times)
Key 5 :Quick Changeover Technology
Key 6 : Manufacturing Value Analysis (Methods Improvement)
Key 7 : Zero Monitor Manufacturing
Key 8 : Coupled Manufacturing
Key 9 : Maintaining Equipment
Key 10 : Time Control and Commitment
Key 11 : Quality Assurance System
Key 12 : Developing Your Supplies
Key 13 : Eliminating Waste (Treasure Map)
Key 14 : Empowering Workers to Make Improvements
Key 15 : Skill Veratility and Cross-Training
Key 16 : Production Scheduling
Key 17 : Efficiency Control
Key 18 : Using Information Systems
Key 19 : Conserving Energy and Materials
Key 20 : Leading Technology and Site Technology

Implementing the 20 Keys

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