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5S for Safety: New Eyes for the Shop Floor (Video Cassettes)

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Title: 5S for Safety: New Eyes for the Shop Floor (Video Cassettes)
Author: Productivity Press Development Team
ISBN: 1563272164 / 9781563272165
Format: Video
Publisher: Productivity Press
Year: 1999
Availability: Out of Stock
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Eliminate the causes of unsafe workplace conditions with this unique 5S approach!

Need a way to quickly and easily start a safety program or to reenergize your safety efforts? Poor safety conditions exist in all plants. They are inherent to the manufacturing industry itself. Slippage can occur from water or grease on the floor. Fires can occur from oil or chemical leaks. Mobile equipment can cause accidents of all kinds. Employees are safe and productive only when their work environment is safe. Now you can use the basics of 5S - organization, orderliness, cleanliness, standardized clean-up, and self-discipline - as a simple, proactive and inexpensive way to solve safety problems in the workplace.

An uncluttered, well-organized, and understandable workplace is the foundation for safety. 5S for Safety: New Eyes for the Shop Floor is a set of universal principles and activities that sustain safe conditions on the shop floor. The 5S for Safety video program focuses on improving unsafe and hazardous conditions that exist before an accident has occurred. It is this pre-accident view that makes 5S for Safety a preventive approach. 5S for Safety uses a unique method - the safety scan - to diagnose the causes of accidents. Based on that analysis, it then draws on standard 5S techniques and OSHA guidelines to identify, implement, and standardize "best practices"for shopfloor conditions. What's more, 5S for Safety doesn't stop with making your workplace a safer place. It will make it an efficient, more productive place as well. While improving safety, you'll also be fostering efficiency and continuous improvement in your company's operations. 5S stops the conflict between safety and profit, because when you use the 5S approach, you will increase productivity and profits while you improve safety.

Safety should be the number one concern in any manufacturing environment. The 5S system is gaining status in America because it works easily and quickly! These fast-paced, hard-hitting videos and guide will convince you that you can't wait for another accident, or even another "near miss" to begin eliminating unsafe conditions.

Key Benefits of 5S for Safety Approach:

Controls the workfloor conditions rather than the employee's behavior.
Inexpensive for the company to implement.
Makes the worker's job easier and safer.
Fosters total employee involvement.
Promotes daily activity for continuous improvement.
Fosters efficiency and productivity and improves work flow.
Proactive approach-prevents problems before they occur.
A practical method which deals with the real problems workers face everyday. Stops the conflict between safety and profit.
Gives you a practical "safety scan" to determine the underlying causes of accidents.
Fits with your TPM, JIT or other lean manufacturing efforts.
This Video Training Tool:

Provides a complete introduction of the 5S system and how it is used on the shop floor.
Shows how a 5S approach to safety can eliminate the competition between productivity and safety.
Shows the underlying causes of accidents and near misses in shop floor conditions that can be controlled through a "best practice" method.
Shows how to apply the step-by-step method and tools for focusing the 5S system for the improvement of safety.
Shows how to link the complete practice of the 5S system to this focused improvement for safety.
Shows "best practice" examples from top U.S. companies.
Eliminate these safety-related losses:
Lost work days
Work stoppages
Lower productivity
Insurance and medical costs
Lower income
Pain and suffering
Diminished abilities

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