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A First Course in Predictive Control, 2nd Edition

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Title: A First Course in Predictive Control, 2nd Edition
Author: J.A. Rossiter
ISBN: 1032339160 / 9781032339160
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 428
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2022
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks
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The book presents a significant expansion in depth and breadth of the previous edition. It includes substantially more numerical illustrations and copious supporting MATLAB code that the reader can use to replicate illustrations or build his or her own. The code is deliberately written to be as simple as possible and easy to edit. The book is an excellent starting point for any researcher to gain a solid grounding in MPC concepts and algorithms before moving into application or more advanced research topics. Sample problems for readers are embedded throughout the chapters, and in-text questions are designed for readers to demonstrate an understanding of concepts through numerical simulation.


Chapter 1 : Introduction and The Industrial Need for Predictive Control
Chapter 2 : Prediction in Model Predictive Control
Chapter 3 : Predictive Functional Control
Chapter 4 : Predictive Control - The Basic Algorithm
Chapter 5 : Tuning GPC : Good and Bad Choices of The Horizons
Chapter 6 : Dual Mode MPC (OMPC and SOMPC) and Stability Guarantees
Chapter 7 : Constraint Handling in GPC/Finite Horizon Predictive Control
Chapter 8 : Constraint Handling in Dual Mode Predictive Control
Chapter 9 : Conclusions

Appendix A : Tutorial and Exam Questions and Case Studies
Appendix B : Further Reading
Appendix C : Notation, Models and Useful Background

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