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A Guide to Utility Automation : AMR SCADA, & IT Systems for Electric Power

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Title: A Guide to Utility Automation : AMR SCADA, & IT Systems for Electric Power
Author: Michael Wiebe
ISBN: 0878147675 / 9780878147670
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 216
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2000
Availability: In Stock
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Industry expert Michael Wiebe tells you how electricity is distributed, measured, and billed in order to find new solutions needed in an increasingly competitive market. He also gives you a review of U.S. deregulation and its precursors, and explains integrated meter reading, billing, CIS, call-center, and related systems as well as the probable evolution of these applications in the context of creating a competitive market.


Chapter 1 : The AMR Unbundling Odyssey Begins
Chapter 2 : Chinese Curses and Public Utility Commissions
Chapter 3 : AMR, Billing and Customer Service before Deregulation
Chapter 4 : AMR Networks: What They Are, How They Differ
Chapter 5 : Billing and Customer Care Systems Not!
Chapter 6 : Current AMR Products and Services
Chapter 7 : Market Needs in Evolution
Chapter 8 : Public AMR Network Options Change the Market
Chapter 9 : Advanced Customer Relationship Management
Chapter 10 : Energy Servie Fraud-the $10 Billion Annual Crime
Chapter 11 : What are the New Business Opportunities using AMR?
Chapter 12 : Summary


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