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A Handbook for EMC Testing and Measurement

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Title: A Handbook for EMC Testing and Measurement
Author: David Morgan
ISBN: 0863417566 / 9780863417566
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 304
Publisher: IEE
Year: 2007
Availability: In Stock
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This major reference book is aimed at engineers and technical managers concerned with EMC (electromagnetic compatibility). It explains why EMC testing is necessary, what standards must be met, how such testing is carried out (and therefore how to prepare for it), what accuracy and repeatability can be expected, and when to test. For less than the cost of half a day's testing in a laboratory, with this book manufacturers of equipment can prepare for and interact with test houses on the basis of sound knowledge; thereby reducing the time and expense incurred prior to EMC approval.

A Handbook for EMC Testing and Measurement is concerned with most aspects of electromagnetic compatibility and addresses many of the technical and managerial issues which are of concern to designers and manufacturers of commercial and military electronic equipment. The primary focus of the book is on EMC testing. It discusses the numerous test methods in relation to the EMC Standards for which they are required. As the book has been written with the aim of being accessible to both technical staff and management, it has technical sections devoted to such issues as basic antenna theory and EMC testing practices, as well as chapters oriented towards management/project control, which are concerned with regulations and the EMC planning aspects of product development.


Chapter 1 : Nature and Origins of Electromagnetic Compatibility
Chapter 2 : EMC Standards and Specifications
Chapter 3 : Outline of EMC Testing
Chapter 4 : Measurement Devices for conducted EMI
Chapter 5 : Introduction to Antennas
Chapter 6 : Antennas for Radiated Emission Testing
Chapter 7 : Use of Antennas for Radiated Susceptibility Testing
Chapter 8 : Receivers, Analysers and Measurement Equipment
Chapter 9 : EMC Test Regimes and Facilities
Chapter 10 : Electromagnetic Transient Testing
Chapter 11 : Uncertainty Analysis : Quality Control and Test Facility Certification
Chapter 12 : Designing to Avoid EMC Problems
Chapter 13 : Achieving Product EMC : Checklists for Product Development and Testing

Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3

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