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A Policy of Discontent : The Making of a National Energy Strategy

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Title: A Policy of Discontent : The Making of a National Energy Strategy
Author: Vito Stagliano
ISBN: 0878148175 / 9780878148172
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 431
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2001
Availability: Out of Stock
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by Vito Stagliano Energy––electric, oil and gas, coal, nuclear, renewable––powers the United States and the rest of the industrialized world. It also "powers" political upheavals, wars, and seemingly endless quests for the "right" energy strategy that will make logical sense of it all.

Vito A. Stagliano’s long-awaited book represents the history and comprehensive analysis of 65 years of energy policy making, with an insider’s view of the four-years that resulted in the Energy Policy Act of 1992—the last energy legislation enacted by Congress. Placed in the context of U.S. energy policy-making since the New Deal, Stagliano presents a case study which lends a historical basis for measuring the ongoing work of the G. W. Bush Administration to craft a national energy strategy.

Introduction by Paul Ruxin, Esq.

Chapter 1 : A Brief History of US Energy Policy and its Makers
Chapter 2 : The Search for a Policy Consensus
Chapter 3 : The Economic Policy Council Takes Control
Chapter 4 : Saddam Hussein Lends a Hand
Chapter 5 : The National Energy Strategy Emerges—Scathed
Chapter 6 : Congress Wants to Know


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