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A Practical Guide to Effective Workplace Accident Investigation

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Title: A Practical Guide to Effective Workplace Accident Investigation
Author: Ron C. McKinnon
ISBN: 1032054441 / 9781032054445
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 272
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2022
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks
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This book explains how accidents and high potential near-miss incidents are caused, and how to eliminate recurrences by effective accident investigation methods. It shows how to conduct an immediate and root cause analysis so that remedial measures can be taken to prevent a recurrence of similar events. The book shows how to apply the Logical Sequence Accident Investigation Method in the case studies presented.

The book:

  • Provides a practical guide to accident causes, investigation and prevention.
  • Explains immediate and root causes in detail.
  • Gives a number of problem-solving methods for the accident investigator to use.
  • Introduces the Logical Sequence Accident Investigation Method.
  • Provides a practical accident investigation evaluation system.

The book discusses important topics including hazard identification and risk assessment, workplace health and safety, accident causation and prevention theories, the updated accident domino sequence, as well as safety management system standards and controls.

The text is primarily written for professionals and graduate students in the fields of occupational health and safety, ergonomics and human factors engineering.

About the Author

Part I : Introduction to Accident Investigation
Chapter 1 :
Chapter 2 : The Philosophy of Safety
Chapter 3 : Accidental Loss Causation Theories
Chapter 4 : Traditional Accident Investigation
Chapter 5 : The Politics of Accident Investigations

Part II : Accident Investigation Methodology
Chapter 6 :
Objective of Accident Investigation
Chapter 7 : Nominated Accident Investigators
Chapter 8 : Problem-solving Methods
Chapter 9 : Rules of Accident Investigation
Chapter 10 : Designing an Accident Investigation Report Form
Chapter 11 : Accident Site Inspection
Chapter 12 : Interview Guidelines and Interviewing Techniques
Chapter 13 : Documentation Review

Part III : Investigating and Analyzing the Event
Chapter 14 :
The Logical Sequence Accident Investigation Method (Cause, Effect and Control)
Chapter 15 : Determining the Losses
Chapter 16 : Identifying the Exposures, Impacts and Energy Exchanges
Chapter 17 : Immediate Cause Analysis - High-risk Behaviors (Unsafe Acts)
Chapter 18 : Immediate Cause Analysis - High-risk Conditions (Unsafe Conditions)
Chapter 19 : Root Cause Analysis - Personal (Human) Factors
Chapter 20 : Root Cause Analysis - Job (Organizational, Engineering or Workplace) Factors
Chapter 21 : Safety Management System (SMS) Controls

Part IV : Remedial Measures to Prevent a Recurrence
Chapter 22 :
Failure to Identify Hazards and Manage Risks
Chapter 23 : Risk Control Remedial Measures to Prevent Accident Recurrences
Chapter 24 : Action Plan for Risk Control Remedial Measures

Part V : Evaluating the Quality of Accident Investigation Reports
Chapter 25 :
Evaluating the Quality of Accident Investigation Reports

Part VI : Accident Scenarios
Chapter 26 :
Accident Scenario One - Boxcor Manufacturing
Chapter 27 : Accident Scenario Two - Overhead Electrical Line Accident

Part VII : Conclusion
Chapter 28 :
Fixing the Workplace, not the Worker


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