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AC Motor Protection

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Title: AC Motor Protection
Author: Stanley E. Zocholl
ISBN: 0972502610 / 9780972502610
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 90
Publisher: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Year: 2003
Availability: Out of Stock
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AC motors, induction of synchronous, are used extensively throughout the world in industrial, commercial, and utility applications. AC motors are vital components in many processes and require specific thermal and fault protection during overload and locked-rotor conditions.

AC Motor Protection is a reference book written for professionals concerned with the operation and protection of AC motors. You will find the information necessary to develop the electrical, mechanical, and thermal models that determin a motor's characteristics. You can use the motor's characteristic information to optimize the thermal and fault protection setting of the motor protection relay.


Chapter 1 : AC Motors
Chapter 2 : Motor Characteristics
Chapter 3 : Protection Using Thermal Model
Chapter 4 : Motor Thermal Limit Curves
Chapter 5 : Motor Protection Requirements
Chapter 6 : Guidelines for Calculating Settings for Motor Protection Relays


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