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ASM Handbook Volume 2B : Properties and Selection of Aluminum Alloys

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Title: ASM Handbook Volume 2B : Properties and Selection of Aluminum Alloys
Author: , John Weritz, Kevin Anderson
ISBN: 1627082085 / 9781627082082
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 636
Publisher: ASM International
Year: 2019
Availability: In Stock
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This volume provides in-depth coverage on the properties, performance, structural design, specifications, and development of aluminum alloys. The effects of alloy metallurgy, processing, and structure are described in detail for mechanical properties in design, fatigue and fracture resistance, corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, and friction and wear. Volume 2B also includes new and expanded datasheets for over 120 specific grades or variations of commercial aluminum alloys. Datasheets detail the product forms, applications, specification designations, fabrication characteristics, heat treatment, and typical and specification properties of alloys. Coverage includes comparative informative with competitive or common (incumbent) alloys. Volume 2B also includes a major review on the history and development of wrought aluminum alloys and updated content on new high-integrity die casting alloys for structural and light-weighting applications.
Volume 2B is an excellent companion to ASM Handbook, Volume 2A: Aluminum Science and Technology.

Policy on Units of Measure

Part I : Properties of Aluminum Alloys
Chapter 1 :
Significance of Mechanical Properties in Design and Application
Chapter 2 : Aluminum Structural Design
Chapter 3 : Fracture Resistance of Aluminum Alloys
Chapter 4 : Fatigue of Aluminum Alloys
Chapter 5 : Stress-Corrosion Cracking of Aluminum Alloys
Chapter 6 : Corrosion of Aluminum of Aluminum Alloys
Chapter 7 : Friction and Wear of Aluminum Alloys and Composites

Part II : Wrought Aluminum Alloy
Chapter 8 :
A History of Wrought Aluminum Alloys and Applications
Chapter 9 : Properties and Applications of Wrought Aluminum Alloys
Chapter 10 : 1xxx Aluminum Alloy Datasheets
Chapter 11 : 2xxx Aluminum Alloy Datasheets
Chapter 12 : 3xxx Aluminum Alloy Datasheets
Chapter 13 : 4xxx Aluminum Alloy Datasheets
Chapter 14 : 5xxx Aluminum Alloy Datasheets
Chapter 15 : 6xxx Aluminum Alloy Datasheets
Chapter 16 : 7xxx Aluminum Alloy Datasheets

Part III : Properties and Selection of Cast Aluminum Alloys
Chapter 17 :
Properties and Selection of Cast Aluminum Alloys
Chapter 18 : Cast Aluminum Alloy Datasheets

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Datasheet Index
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