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ASM Handbook Volume 4 : Heat Treating

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Title: ASM Handbook Volume 4 : Heat Treating
Author: ASM
ISBN: 0871703793 / 9780871703798
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 1012
Publisher: ASM International
Year: 1991
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You'll find all heat treating topics covered in this one essential volume.

Contents include: Heat Treating of Steel--quenching, tempering and annealing, continuous annealing, quantitative methods to predict hardenability.

Surface Hardening of Steel--processing and properties of case hardened materials.

Heat Treating Equipment--emphasis on furnace design and thermal efficiency.
Process and QC Considerations--improved sensors and oxygen probes for temperature/ atmosphere/carbon control, statistical process control.
Heat Treating of Cast Irons--includes data on austempered ductile iron and high-alloy irons.
Heat Treating of Stainless Steels and Heat-Resistant Alloys--includes super alloys and refractory metals and alloys.
Sections on Heat Treating of Tool Steels and Nonferrous Alloys.

Heat Treating of Steel
Principles of Heat Treating of Steels
Quantitative Prediction of Transformation Hardening in Steels
Stress-Relief Heat Treating of Steel
Normalizing of steel
Annealing of steel
Continuous Annealing of Steel
Quenching of steel
Tempering of Steel
Martempering of Steel
Austempering of Steel
Induction Heat Treating of Steel
Cold Treating and Cryogenic Treatment of Steel
Heat Treating of Ultrahigh-Strength Steels
Heat Treating of Maraging Steels
Heat Treating of Powder Metallurgy Steels
Thermomechanical Processing of Steels

Surface Hardening of Steel
Introduction to Surface Hardening of Steels
Flame Hardening
Laser Surface Hardening
Electron Beam Surface hardening
Gas Carburizing
Pack Carburizing
Liquid Carburizing and Cyaniding
Vacuum Carburizing
Plasma (Ion) Carburizing
Microstructures and Properties of Carburized Steels
Gas Nitriding
Liquid Nitriding
Plasma (Ion) Nitriding
Gaseous and Plasma Nitrocarburizing
Boriding (Boronizing)
Thermoreactive Deposition/Diffusion Process
Method of Measuring Case Depth

Heat-Treating Equipment
Types of Heat-Treating Furnaces
Salt Bath Equipment
Fluidized-Bed Equipment
Heat Treating in Vacuum Furnaces and Auxiliary Equipment
Heat-Resistant Materials for Furnaces Parts, Trays, and Fixtures
Energy-Efficient Furnaces Design and Operation

Process and Quality Control Considerations
Temperature Control
Furnace Atmospheres
Furnace Atmosphere Control
Control of Surface Carbon Content in Heat Treating of Steel
Evaluation of Carbon Control in Processed Parts
Defects and Distortion in Heat-Treated Parts
Statistical Process Control of Heat-Treating Operations
Computerized Properties Prediction and Technology Planning in Heat Treatment of Steels
Furnace Safety

Heat Treating of Cast Irons
Introduction to Heat Treating of Cast Irons
Heat Treating of Gray Irons
Heat Treating of Ductile Irons
Heat Treating of Malleable Irons
Heat Treating of High-Alloy Irons

Heat Treating of Tool Steels
Introduction to Heat Treating of Tool Steels
Processes and Furnaces Equipment for Heat Treating of Tool Steels
Heat Treating of Specific Classes of Tool Steels
Control of Distortion in Tool Steels

Heat Treating of Stainless Steels and Heat-Resistant Alloys
Heat Treating of Stainless Steels
Heat Treating of Superalloys
Heat Treating of Refractory Metals and Alloys

Heat Treating of Nonferrous Alloys
Principles of Heat Treating of Nonferrous Alloys
Heat Treating of Aluminum Alloys
Heat Treating of Copper Alloys
Heat Treating of Magnesium Alloys
Heat Treating of Nickel and Nickel Alloys
Heat Treating of Titanium and Titanium Alloys
Heat Treating of Tin-Rich Alloys
Heat Treating of Lead and Lead Alloys
Heat Treating of Uranium and Uranium Alloys
Annealing of Precious Metals

Glossary of Terms

Temper Colors for Steels

Austenitizing Temperatures for Steels

Metric-Conversion Guide

Temperature Conversion Table

Abbreviations, Symbols, and Tradenames



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