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Above the Board : How Ethical CEOs Create Honest Corporations

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Title: Above the Board : How Ethical CEOs Create Honest Corporations
Author: Gina Poncini, Lorene Hiris, Patrizia Porrini
ISBN: 0071496319 / 9780071496315
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 222
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2009
Availability: Out of Stock
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In recent years, a string of corporate scandals have sent shockwaves throughout the business world, resulting in the fracture of public trust in corporations. Now more than ever, corporate honesty and integrity are directly connected to success and growth. Above the Board provides strategies and methods to help you build a solid foundation of ethical corporate values into your organization. Inside, you'll find key advice from CEOs who have put corporate ethics at the forefront. The common message is that business ethics should not be viewed as an “add-on” to a company's operations; rather, it must be a key element in an overall strategy for success. “Organizations across a range of industries are faced with the challenge of fostering an ethical environment that goes beyond compliance,” the authors write. “Above all, it is the CEOs who are in a position to set the ethical tone and climate of their organization.” Above the Board offers concrete practices, procedures, and personalized approaches used by such companies as Whirlpool, Xerox, Walgreen Co., Texas Instruments.


Chapter 1 : Keeping Company Values alive through Stories
Chapter 2 : Reaping the benefits of Challenges and Difficulties
Chapter 3 : Taking Tangible steps to Harness Ethical Energy
Chapter 4 : Making Ethics Messages Far Reaching
Chapter 5 : Being Ethically alert to the External Environment
Chapter 6 : Addressing Future Generations
Chapter 7 : Making Ethics Contangious


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