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Advanced Energy Systems, 2nd Edition

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Title: Advanced Energy Systems, 2nd Edition
Author: Nicolai V. Khartchenko, Vadym M. Khartchenko
ISBN: 143988658X / 9781439886588
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 624
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2014
Availability: Out of Stock
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This second edition to a popular first provides a comprehensive, fully updated treatment of advanced conventional power generation and co-generation plants, as well as alternative energy technologies. Organized into three parts: Advanced fossil Fuel-Fired Power Generation; Advanced Renewable Energy Systems; and Clean Energy Systems; this book serves as a textbook for students in Energy Engineering courses, as well as professionals in the field. It covers the fundamentals, analysis, design, and practical aspects of advanced energy systems, thus providing a strong theoretical background for highly efficient energy conversion. It contains solved examples, basic and complicated, and problem sets within each chapter.


Chapter 1 :
Introduction : Fundamentals of Energy
Chapter 2 : Fuel Combustion and Gasification
Chapter 3 : Reduction of Energy Systems' Environmental Impact
Chapter 4 : Steam Power Plant Technology
Chapter 5 : Gas Turbine Power Generation Technology
Chapter 6 : Gas Turbine Based Combined-Cycle Power Plants
Chapter 7 : Cogeneration
Chapter 8 : Fuel Cell and MHD-Based Power Plants
Chapter 9 : Clean Coal Power Generation Technology
Chapter 10 : Advanced Energy Storage Systems

Appendix A : Unit Conversion Factors
Appendix B : Physical Constants
Appendix C : Temperature Conversion from Celsius Scale to Farenheit Scale
Appendix D : Average Constant Pressure Molar Specific Heat of Ideal Gases
Appendix E : Average Constant Pressure Molar Specific Heat of Ideal Gases and Water Vapor
Appendix F : Thermodynamic Properties of Saturated Water and Saturated Water Vapor : Temperature Table
Appendix G : Thermodynamic Properties of Saturated Water annd Saturated Water Vapor : Pressure Table
Appendix H : Thermophysical Properties of Water
Appendix I : Thermophysical Properties of Air
Appendix J : Thermophysical Properties of Saturated Water Vapor
Appendix K :   Mollier Enthalpy-Entropy Diagram for Steam

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