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Advanced MEMS Packaging

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Title: Advanced MEMS Packaging
Author: C. Premachandran, Cheng Lee, John Lau, Yu Aibin
ISBN: 0071626239 / 9780071626231
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 576
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2010
Availability: In Stock
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Comprehensive guide to 3D MEMS packaging methods and solutions

Written by experts in the field, Advanced MEMS Packaging serves as a valuable reference for those faced with the challenges created by the ever-increasing interest in MEMS devices and packaging. This authoritative guide presents cutting-edge MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) packaging techniques, such as low-temperature C2W and W2W bonding and 3D packaging.

This definitive resource helps you select reliable, creative, high-performance, robust, and cost-effective packaging techniques for MEMS devices. The book will also aid in stimulating further research and development in electrical, optical, mechanical, and thermal designs as well as materials, processes, manufacturing, testing, and reliability. Among the topics explored :

• Advanced IC and MEMS packaging trends
• MEMS devices, commercial applications, and markets
• More than 360 MEMS packaging patents and 10 3D MEMS packaging designs
• TSV for 3D MEMS packaging
• MEMS wafer thinning, dicing, and handling
• Low-temperature C2C, C2W, and W2W bonding
• Reliability of RoHS-compliant MEMS packaging
• Micromachining and water bonding techniques
• Actuation mechanisms and integrated micromachining
• Bubble switch, optical switch, and VOA MEMS packaging
• Bolometer and accelerameter MEMS packaging
• Bio-MEMS and biosensor MEMS packaging
• RF MEMS switches, tunable circuits, and packaging

About the Authors

Chapter 1 : Introduction to MEMS
Chapter 2 : Advanced MEMS Packaging
Chapter 3 : Enabling Technologies for Advanced MEMS Packaging
Chapter 4 : Advanced MEMS Wafer Level Packaging
Chapter 5 : Optical MEMS Packaging - Communications
Chapter 6 : Optical MEMS Packaging - Bubble Switch
Chapter 7 : Optical MEMS : Microbolometer Packaging
Chapter 8 : Bio MEMS Packaging
Chapter 9 : Bio Sensor Packaging
Chapter 10 : Accelerometer Packaging
Chapter 11 : Radifrequency MEMS Switches
Chapter 12 : RF MEMS Tunable Capacitors and Tunable Band-Pass Filters
Chapter 13 : Advanced Packaging of RF MEMS Devices


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