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Aluminum Permanent Mold Handbook

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Title: Aluminum Permanent Mold Handbook
Author: American Foundry Society
ISBN: 0874332508 / 9780874332506
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 185
Publisher: AFS
Year: 2001
Availability: Out of Stock
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The “Aluminum Permanent Mold Handbook” was created to fill the need for information on the increased application of permanent mold castings. These expanded casting applications are a direct result of advances in the process technology and of the enhanced knowledge of this process by today's design engineers. Members of the AFS Aluminum Division Technical Committee 2E, Permanent Mold Practices, were responsible for the development of this handbook. Foundry personnel, design engineers, and process engineers will benefit from the “Aluminum Permanent Mold Handbook.” Highlights include: alloy selection; process variations with typical parts applications; manual, semi-automated or fully automated castings processes; casting defect causes and remedies; computer simulation.


Section I : Melting and Molten Aluminum Processing
Chapter 1 :
Selection of Alloys
Chapter 2 : Furnaces and Their Maintenance
Chapter 3 : Molten Metal Processing and Control

Section II : Permanent Mold Casting Processes
Chapter 4 :
Permanent Mold Casting Process and Equipment
Chapter 5 : Tilt Pour Casting Process
Chapter 6 : Low-Pressure Casting Process
Chapter 7 : Centrifugal Casting Process
Chapter 8 : Squeeze Casting Process
Chapter 9 : Semi-Solid Metal Casting: Production Perspective
Chapter 9A : Appendix to Semi-Solid Metals Processing : Research Perspective

Section III : Mold Design, Construction and Operation
Chapter 10 :
Component Design for Permanent Molding
Chapter 11 : Selection of Mold Materials
Chapter 12 : Mold Design
Chapter 13 : Tooling and Equipment Maintenance
Chapter 14 : Mold Coatings

Section IV : Process Control
Chapter 15 :
Computer Simulation
Chapter 16 : General Principles of Gating and Risering
Chapter 17 : Quality Control of the Permanent Mold Process
Chapter 18 : Troubleshooting

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