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Applied Illumination Engineering, 3rd Edition

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Title: Applied Illumination Engineering, 3rd Edition
Author: Jack L. Lindsey, Scott C. Dunning
ISBN: 0824748093 / 9780824748098
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 500
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Year: 2013
Availability: Out of Stock
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Updated to include new technology and new requirements, this comprehensive reference is a practical guide to the design, specification, and application of the latest lighting technology. It covers a range of topics from fundamentals of illumination to hands-on application. The full scope of light sources is examined; design methods for both indoor and outdoor lighting are presented, along with optimum application strategies for the lighting of merchandise, offices, industrial settings, parking lots, and streets.

This third edition features a new chapter on rapidly advancing LED technology, explaining how solid state lighting is redefining light use and discussing various LED applications. The lighting controls chapter is revised to include new control technologies available in the marketplace. Updated specifications from IES and new requirements from the U.S. Department of Energy are also covered.


Chapter 1 : The Nature of Light
Chapter 2 : Incandescent Lamps
Chapter 3 : Fluorescent Lamps
Chapter 4 : High Intensity Discharge Lamps
Chapter 5 : Understanding and Using the Photometric Test Report
Chapter 6 : Light Loss Factors
Chapter 7 : Average Illuminance Calculations : Zonal Cavity Method
Chapter 8 : Calculating Illuminance at a Point
Chapter 9 : Quantity of Illuminance
Chapter 10 : Quality of Illuminance
Chapter 11 : Basic Design Methods
Chapter 12 : Industrial Lighting
Chapter 13 : Office Lighting
Chapter 14 : Merchandise Lighting
Chapter 15 : Outdoor Lighting
Chapter 16 : Daylighting
Chapter 17 : Lighting Controls
Chapter 18 : Lighting System Evaluation & Audits
Chapter 19 : Lighting System Operation & Maintenance
Chapter 20 : Improving Lighting Systems
Chapter 21 : Installing & Commissioning Lighting Systems
Chapter 22 : Lighting Economics
Chapter 23 : The Bottom Line


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