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Applied Plasticity

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Title: Applied Plasticity
Author: J. Chakrabarty
ISBN: 0387988122 / 9780387988122
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 682
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Year: 2000
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Intended for graduates in mechanical, civil, or structural engineering, or in applied mechanics, this text covers advanced topics that have only been accessible in review articles until now, widely scattered through the literature. Practising engineers will thus also find it a useful reference. The book begins with the fundamentals of the mathematical theory of plasticity, presented in sufficient detail to make the text self-sufficient. The discussion then turns to the theory of plastic stress and its applications to structural analysis and sheet metal forming. This is followed by treatments of axially symmetrical systems and some three-dimensional problems. The generalised tangent-modulus theory of buckling in the plastic range for columns, plates and shells is treated from the point of view of the bifurcation phenomenon. The concluding chapter deals with a wide range of topics in dynamic plasticity including wave propagation, armour penetration, and structural impact in the plastic range. In view of the rapidly growing interest in computational methods, an appendix presents the fundamentals of a finite-element analysis of metal-forming problems.

Fundamental Principles: The Material Response. Basic Laws of Plasticity. Strain-hardening Plasticity. Cyclic Loading of Structures. Uniqueness and Stability. Problems in Plane Stress: Formulation of the Problem. Discontinuities and Necking. Yielding of Notched Bars. Bending of Prismatic Beams. Limit Analysis of a Hollow Plate. Hole Expansion in an Infinite Plate. Stretch Forming of Sheet Metals. Deep Drawing of Cylindrical Cups. Ironing and Flange Wrinkling. Axisymmetric and Related Problems: Basic Theory and Exact Solutions. Slipline Fields and Indentations. Necking of a Cylindrical Bar. Compression of Short Cylinders. Drawing of Thin-walled Tubes. Extrusion of Cylindrical Billets. Mechanics of Wire Drawing. Some Three-dimensional Problems. Plastic Bending of Plates: Plastic Collapse of Circular Plates. Deflections of Circular Plates. Plastic Collapse of Non-Circular Plates. Plane Strain Analogy in Plate Bending. Minimum Weight Design of Plates. Plastic Analysis of Shells: Cylindrical Shells without End Load. Cylindrical Shells with End Load. Yield Conditions for Shells of Revolution. Limit Analysis of Spherical Shells. Limit Analysis of Conical Shells. And much more

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