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Arc Welding Automation

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Title: Arc Welding Automation
Author: Cary, Howard B. Cary
ISBN: 0824796454 / 9780824796457
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 544
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 1995
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Describing the different variables involved in arc welding and how they interact, this state-of-the-art reference examines the welding capabilities of mechanized, automatic, adaptive control, and robotic systems.
Delineating the advantages of welding automation and offering practical strategies for its implementation, Arc Welding Automation analyzes the necessary components for various types of automated welding.....suggests which arc welding automatic machines are most appropriate for particular types of manufactuirng.....discusses automatic welding equipment for high-volume production of like parts.......elucidates the design of automatic welding fixtures.....considers specific welding attachments for robots....and more.
Furnishing over 400 helpful tables, drawings, and photographs, Arc Welding Automation is timely reading for all manufacturing, mechanical, welding, process, production, industrial, plant, and maintenance engineers; computer, robotics, and automation scientist; physicsts working on automation.


Chapter 1 : Why Automate Welding?
Chapter 2 : Welding Technology
Chapter 3 : Arc Welding Processes Suitable for Automation
Chapter 4 : Automation of Other Welding Processes
Chapter 5 : Automation of Related Processes
Chapter 6 : Procedures, Scheduled, and Variables
Chapter 7 : Welding Problems and Quality Control
Chapter 8 : Equipment Used for Automated Arc Welding
Chapter 9 : Arc and Work Motion Devices
Chapter 10 : Standardized Automatic Arc Welding Equipment
Chapter 11 : Dedicated Automatic Arc Welding Machines
Chapter 12 : Robotic Arc Welding
Chapter 13 : Case Studies of Robotic Welding Applications
Chapter 14 : Controls and Sensors for Automated Arc Welding
Chapter 15 : Design and Tooling for Automated Welding
Chapter 16 : Selecting Welding Materials
Chapter 17 : Safety of Automated Welding Systems
Chapter 18 : Justification, Selection, and Introduction of Automated Welding
Chapter 19 : Installation, Maintenance, and Repair of Equipment
Chapter 20 : The Future of Automated Welding

A1 : Definitions of Robotic Terms
A2 : Definitions of Welding Terms
A3 : Metric Units, Conversion Tables, and Geometric Formulas

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