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Artificial Intelligence and Education, Vol. 2 (Principles and Case Studies)

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Title: Artificial Intelligence and Education, Vol. 2 (Principles and Case Studies)
Author: Masoud Yazdani Robert W. Lawler
ISBN: 0893916315 / 9780893916312
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 336
Publisher: Ablex Publishing Corporation
Year: 1991
Availability: Out of Stock
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The convergence of interests between advocates of intelligent tutoring systems and those of more exploratory learning environments is being realized in a melding of research programs and implemented systems, exhibited in fact by the chapters collected for this volume.


Chapter 1 : Shared Models : The Cognitive Equivalent of A Lingua Franca
Chapter 2 : Untrapping The Mind : A Case Study
Chapter 3 : A Microworld for Genetic Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 4 : Computer Science Logo Style : An AI-Oriented Secondary Curriculum
Chapter 5 : One AI or Many
Chapter 6 : Knowledge-Based Tools, Children, and The Curriculum
Chapter 7 : Education, Training, and Knowledge-Base Design
Chapter 8 : Expert Systems in Teacher Education
Chapter 9 : An Epistemological Approach to Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Chapter 10 : Creating Instruction with IDE : Tools for Instructional Designers
Chapter 11 : Situated Cognition and The Culture of Learning
Chapter 12 : Research for Education : A Dialogue Between R.W. Lawler and Oliver G. Selfridge

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