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Asset Maintenance Management: A Guide to Developing Strategy and Improving Performances, 2nd Edition

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Title: Asset Maintenance Management: A Guide to Developing Strategy and Improving Performances, 2nd Edition
Author: Alan Wilson
ISBN: 0831133317 / 9780831133313
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 824
Publisher: Industrial Press
Year: 2008
Availability: Out of Stock
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Thoroughly updated and edited by an expert in the maintenance field, and with in-depth contributions from professionals, consultants, university instructors, and experts in specific maintenance techniques, this new edition contains a wealth of information never before gathered in one package! Providing companies with the methods, strategies, and practices that will help efficiently and effectively direct and shape their asset management operations, this comprehensive work is certain to be useful for anyone involved with or concerned about the maintenance of physical assets.

Part I: Developing Asset Maintenance Management Strategies

The Issues: Introduction to Part I
Introduction to Maintenance
Aims and Objectives
The Development of Maintenance Practices
Benchmarking and Maintenance Trend Analysis
Asset Strategy
Maintenance Management Strategy
Maintenance Targets
Setting Coordinated Maintenance Policies

Part II: Implementation

Policy Sectors: Introduction to Part II
Development of the Maintenance Activities-A Foreword
Aim for Machine Quality
Structure the Machine Failure Information
Justify and Audit the Maintenance Tasks
Condition Monitoring Technology
Equate the Planned Work with People
Development of the Maintenance Activities-Concluding Remarks
People Development-A Foreward
The Maintenance Workforce and its Future Development
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
Multi-Skilling-A Way Forward
What About Management?
People Development-Concluding Remarks
Planning-A Foreword
Planning the Service
People Structure and Organization
Provisioning Spares and Materials. Budgeting
Planning-Concluding Remarks
Contracting-A Foreword
Planning for Contractors
The Employment of Contractors
Development Profiles
Contracting-Concluding Remarks
Standard Control Systems-A Foreword
Quality Assurance
Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and Maintenance Strategy
Documentation Control
Maintenance Work Control
Control of Active Material Resources in Maintenance
Maintenance Projects-Shutdown Planning
Standard Control Systems-Concluding Remarks
Computer System Solutions-A Foreword
Asset Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
Condition Monitoring Systems
Condition-Based Asset Management (Expert) Systems
Computer Systems Solutions-Concluding Remarks
Asset Management Decision Support-Life Cycle Costing
Maintenance Audits



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