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Atlas of Polymer Structures : Morphology, Deformation and Fracture Structures

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Title: Atlas of Polymer Structures : Morphology, Deformation and Fracture Structures
Author: Goerg H Michler
ISBN: 1569905576 / 9781569905579
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 602
Publisher: Hanser Gardner
Year: 2016
Availability: Out of Stock
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Structure and morphology determine the properties of polymeric materials. This atlas provides, with well over 2000 high-quality micrographs, a comprehensive overview of the structural/morphological diversity of all classes of polymers. All microscopic techniques from light microscopy through scanning and transmission electron microscopy to atomic force microscopy are covered.

Another focus is on the changes in polymer morphology occurring under mechanical stress, i.e. the deformation and fracture structures. The extensive visual material will help professionals in research and application fields to determine structure-property correlations of polymeric materials and also improve training and teaching in universities.

The organized structure of the book based on polymer groups—together with helpful tables to guide the reader easily to the appropriate images according to polymer type, morphological detail, deformation structure, or other structural detail—make this a user-friendly reference for all interested in structure and properties of polymeric materials.


Part I : Introduction
Chapter 1 :
Chapter 2 : Techniques and Methods
Chapter 3 : Influences of Techniques and Methods on Micrographs

Part II : Groups of Polymers
Chapter 4 :
Amorphous Polymers
Chapter 5 : Semicrystalline Polymers
Chapter 6 : Block Copolymers
Chapter 7 : Polymer Blends
Chapter 8 : Rubber-Toughened Polymers
Chapter 9 : Composites
Chapter 10 : Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites
Chapter 11 : Biopolymers and Polymers for Medical Applications
Chapter 12 : Special Processing Forms

Part III : Tables
Chapter 13 :
Connection of Polymers with Morphological Details and Deformation Structures
Chapter 14 : Appearance of Morphological Details in Polymers
Chapter 15 : Deformation and Fracture Structures in Polymers
Chapter 16 : Structural/Morphological Details with Culinary or Natural Backgrounds
Chapter 17 : List of Abbreviations


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