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Atlas of Time-Temperature Diagrams for Irons and Steels

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Title: Atlas of Time-Temperature Diagrams for Irons and Steels
Author: ASM
ISBN: 0871704153 / 9780871704153
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 804
Publisher: ASM International
Year: 1991
Availability: In Stock
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Between this volume and its companion, Atlas of Time Temperature Diagrams for Nonferrous Alloys, you'll find the most comprehensive collection of time-temperature diagrams ever collected. Containing both commonly used curves and out-of-print and difficult-to-find data, these Atlases represent an outstanding worldwide effort, with contributions from experts in 14 countries.

Time-temperature diagrams show how metals respond to heating and cooling, allowing you to predict the behavior and know beforehand the sequence of heating and cooling steps to develop the desired properties, a valuable resource for any materials engineer

Both Collections Include:

Easy-to-Read Diagrams:
Isothermal transformation
Continuous cooling transformation
Time-temperature precipitation
Time-temperature embrittlement
Time-temperature ordering
Steels Included in the Irons and Steels Volume:

High Strength Low Alloy
Stainless (Maraging, austenitic, ferritic, duplex)
Chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, silicon
Quenched and tempered,
Spring and Rail,
High-temperature creep-resistant,
Tool and die,
Eutectoid, hypereutectoid carbon,
Deep hardening,
Titanium bearing
Irons: Gray cast, malleable, white, white cast, ductile.

About The Editor

Chapter 1. : US Steels
Chapter 2. : British En Steels
Chapter 3. : German Steels
Chapter 4. : French Steels
Chapter 5. : Benelux Steels
Chapter 6. : Molybdenum Steels
Chapter 7. : Vanadium Steels
Chapter 8. : British Engineering Steels
Chapter 9. : Other Steels (IT Diagrams)
Chapter 10. : Additional Steels (IT and CCT Diagrams)
Chapter 11. : Time-Temperature Precipitation Diagrams
Chapter 12. : Time-Temperature Embrittlement Diagrams
Chapter 13. : Irons

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