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Blown Film Extrusion, 3rd Edition

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Title: Blown Film Extrusion, 3rd Edition
Author: Kirk Cantor
ISBN: 1569906963 / 9781569906965
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 179
Publisher: Hanser Gardner
Year: 2019
Availability: 45-60 days
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From hardware and materials through processing and properties, this book presents a broad coverage of blown film extrusion and ensures a useful balance of theory and practice. This book explains certain effects in the blown film process so readers are better able to troubleshoot and improve their operations. Also, current practices and equipment are emphasized to keep readers up-to-date with the most productive and efficient technology.

The companion computer-based learning tool, The Blown Film Extrusion Simulator, is provided to enhance the reader's understanding. This software is developed specifically to teach blown film extrusion equipment and processing principles, and is available for download. Throughout this book, exercises using the simulator are described to complement the methods and principles explained.

New in this third edition is a chapter on polymer rheology, with an overview of the rheology of polymer melts and its effects on extruding blown film. Additionally, improvements and corrections have been made throughout the book.


Chapter 1 : Materials for Blown Film
Chapter 2 : Polymer Rheology
Chapter 3 : Extrusion Overview
Chapter 4 : Hardware for Blown Film
Chapter 5 : Processing
Chapter 6 : Coextrusion
Chapter 7 : Film Properties
Chapter 8 : Troubleshooting
Chapter 9 : Appendices


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