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CAD Systems in Mechanical and Production Engineers

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Title: CAD Systems in Mechanical and Production Engineers
Author: Kenneth G. Oliver
ISBN: 0831130083 / 9780831130084
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 180
Publisher: Industrial Press
Year: 1990
Availability: In Stock
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Using practical examples and illustrations, this book explains the application of CAD systems to mechanical and production engineering. It fully describes the various elements that make up the CAD function and explains how they fit together and interact with other parts of the computer integrated system, particularly in relation to production. All important aspects of CAD are considered, including software drafting systems, three-dimensional modelers, finite element analysis packages, and database systems.

Uses Autodesk's "AutoCAD," Computervision's "Personal Designer," and Micro Control Systems' "CADKEY" as example systems. Requires only elementary mathematics and a basic knowledge of computer hardware devices.


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Hardware
Chapter 3 : Software
Chapter 4 : Elements of Computer Graphics
Chapter 5 : Management Issues
Chapter 6 : CAD Standards

Postscript : An Open Letter from Ned Ludd

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