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CAD and PDM : Optimizing Processes by Integrating Them

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Title: CAD and PDM : Optimizing Processes by Integrating Them
Author: Ulrich Sendler, Volker Wawer
ISBN: 1569904685 / 9781569904688
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 263
Publisher: Hanser Gardner
Year: 2008
Availability: Out of Stock
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PDM is gradually becoming a standard tool for industrial product development. But do all mean the same thing by PDM? Doesn't everyone see what potential lies in applying PDM? Are they exploiting that potential to the fullest? Integrating CAD and PDM, networking the engineering disciplines in mechatronics, supporting remote development environments, utilizing document management, linking PDM up with new technologies such as service oriented architectures - all of these are keys to optimizing the process of creating products. And the prerequisite for continuative strategies such as product life cycle management (PLM). Midsize industry has already assumed a leading role here, while large industry is largely hampered by internal departmental boundaries. This book makes a complex topic understandable and illustrates its line of argument with numerous concrete practical examples from user companies. The PDM System used as our main example is PRO.FILE by PROCAD. A practical aid for anyone directly or indirectly involved in development, design, production preparation, document management or the management of such company processes.

Chapter 1 : Why PDM is a Topic for Management
Chapter 2 : Mid-size in the Fast Lane
Chapter 3 : PDM, PLM and Their Relatives
Chapter 4 : Basic PDM Functions
Chapter 5 : Managing Documents Intelligently
Chapter 6 : Mechatronics and PDM
Chapter 7 : PDM Functions in Daily Application
Chapter 8 : InterfacesChapter 9 : PDM and Data Security
Chapter 9 : CAx Transforms Product Development
Chapter 10 : Process Orientation
Chapter 11 : Case Study Single Lever Faucet
Chapter 12 : Case Study Block Molding Machine
Chapter 13 : Case Study Documentation Robot
Chapter 14 : Case Study Filter System. Case Chapter 16 : Study QM Handbook
Chapter 15 : Case Study Kaiserschleuse Lock
Chapter 16 : What to do? PDM Introduction Strategies
Chapter 17 : Checklist for Introducing PDM

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