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CQI-14 : Consumer-Centric Warranty Management Guideline, (With CD- ROM)

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Title: CQI-14 : Consumer-Centric Warranty Management Guideline, (With CD- ROM)
Author: AIAG
ISBN: 1605341401 / 9781605341408
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 148
Publisher: AIAG
Year: 2008
Availability: In Stock
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Consumer-Centric Warranty Management Guideline : A Guideline for Industry Best Practices

This guideline is designed to promote advances in consumer satisfaction and continuous warranty improvement by providing a recommended, robust warranty management program that instills a consumer-centric approach to warranty management. This approach begins with the end consumer in mind, providing tactics, techniques and case studies for all constituencies, particularly vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. The guideline is organized in steps that partner organizations can take to proactively reduce warranty incident rates and risks associated with warranty events.

This manual includes a CD which contains the assessment worksheets, glossary, NTF decision tree case study, NTF fault tree analysis tool extension and case studies.

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Introduction : Why Consumer-Centric Warranty Management?

Chapter 1 : Phase 0. Establishing The Baseline : Introduction to Warranty
Chapter 2 : Phase 1. Consumer Event and Dealership Activities
Chapter 3 : Phase 2. Proactive Prevention : Lessons Learned in Pre-Program Activities
Chapter 4 : Phase 3. Implementing Lessons Learned : Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
Chapter 5 : Phase 4. Containing Warranty Issues : Post-Start of Production
Chapter 6 : Phase 5. Preventing Future Warranty Events : Actions/Solutions
Chapter 7 : Phase 6. Continuous Improvement : Institutionalizing The Process

Appendix Section 1 : Consumer-Centric Warranty Management Assessment Tool
Appendix Section 2 : Vehicle Sub-System Case Study Matrix
Appendix Section 3 : Example of A FMEA
Appendix Section 4 : Example of A Design Verification Plan and Report (DVP & R)
Appendix Section 5 : Example of A Design Review Based on Test Results (DRBTR)
Appendix Section 6 : Example of A Design Review Based on Failure Mode (DRBFM)
Appendix Section 7 : Manual and NTF Case Studies
Appendix Section 8 : Definitions and Acronyms
Appendix Section 9 : Resources and Links
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