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CQI-9 : Special Process : Heat Treat System Assessment, 4th Edition (Hardcopy with Downloadable Assessment)

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Title: CQI-9 : Special Process : Heat Treat System Assessment, 4th Edition (Hardcopy with Downloadable Assessment)
Author: AIAG
ISBN: 1605344494 / 9781605344492
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 101
Publisher: AIAG
Year: 2020
Availability: 15-30 days
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  • Description
  • Contents

The CQI-9 4th Edition is a comprehensive audit covering the most common heat treat processes employed by the automotive industry. Intended to provide a common approach to a heat treat management system for automotive production and service part organizations, the 4th edition now includes additional best practices, along with new and modified requirements and clarifications for supply organizations to consider in making their own self-assessments.

About AIAG
Changes to CQI-9 4th Edition

  • General
  • Integrating New Inspection Devices Between Revisions of CQI-9
  • Process Approach
  • Heat Treat System Assessment Goals
  • Assessment Process
  • Use of CQI-9, HTSA, And Process Tables
  • Assessor Qualifications
  • Other Requirements

Chapter 1 : Scope

  • 1.1 General
  • 1.2 Application
  • 1.3 Reference

Chapter 2 : The Heat Treat System Assessment Procedure

  • Instructions for Completing The Cover Sheet
  • Instructions for Completing Sections 1-3
  • Section 1 : Management Responsibility & Quality Planning
  • Section 2 : Floor And Material Handling Responsibility
  • Section 3 : Equipment
  • P3.1 Thermocouples
  • P3.2 Instrumentation
  • P3.3 System Accuracy Test (SAT)
  • P3.4 Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS)
  • Instructions for Completing the Job Audit

Process Table A : Carburizing / Carbonitriding / Carbon Restoration / Hardening / Austempering / Martempering / Tempering / Precipitation Hardening - Aging
Process Table B : Nitriding (Gas) And Ferritic-Nitrocarburizing (Gas or Salt)
Process Table C : Aluminum Heat Treating
Process Table D : Induction Heat Treating
Process Table E : Annealing / Normalizing / Stress-Relieving
Process Table F : Low Pressure Processing (Carburizing / Carbonitriding / Neutral Hardening)
Process Table G : Sinter Hardening
Process Table H : Ion Nitriding
Process Table I : Hot Stamping
Glossary of Terms

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