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Carbon Dioxide and Environmental Stress

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Title: Carbon Dioxide and Environmental Stress
Author: Bernard Saugier, Harold Mooney, Yiqi Luo, Yiqi Luo & Harold Mooney
ISBN: 012460370X / 9780124603707
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 418
Publisher: Academic Press
Year: 1999
Availability: In Stock
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This book focuses on the interactive effects of environmental stresses with plant and ecosystem functions, especially with respect to changes in the abundance of carbon dioxide. The interaction of stresses with elevated carbon dioxide are presented from the cellular through whole plant ecosystem level. The book carefully considers not only the responses of the above-ground portion of the plant, but also emphasizes the critical role of below-ground (rhizosphere) components (e.g., roots, microbes, soil) in determining the nature and magnitude of these interactions.

Will rising CO2 alter the importance of environmental stress in natural and agricultural ecosystems?
Will environmental stress on plants reduce their capacity to remove CO2 from the atmosphere?
Are some stresses more important than others as we concern ourselves with global change?
Can we develop predictive models useful for scientists and policy-makers?
Where should future research efforts be focused?


Part 1 : Interactions of CO2 with Water, Temperature, Salinity, UV-B, Ozone, and Nutrients
Chapter 1 : Interactive Effects of Water Stress and Elevated CO2 on Growth, Photosynthesis, and Water Use Efficiency
Chapter 2 : Increasing Atmospheric CO2 Concentration, Water Use, and Water Stress : Scaling Up from The Plant to The Landscape
Chapter 3 : Temperature : Cellular to Whole Plant and Population Responses
Chapter 4 : Effects of Elevated CO2 and Temperature Stress on Ecosystem Processes
Chapter 5 : Interactions between Rising CO2, Soil Salinity, and Plant Growth
Chapter 6 : Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment and Enhanced Solar Ultraviolet-B Radiation : Gene to Ecosystem Responses
Chapter 7 : Role of Carbon Dioxide in Modifying The Plant Response to Ozone
Chapter 8 : Response of Plants to Elevated Atmospheric CO2 : Root, Growth, Mineral Nutrition, and Soil Carbon
Chapter 9 : Rhizosphere Processes Under Elevated CO2
Chapter 10 : Ecosystem Responses to Rising Atmospheric CO2 : Feedbacks Through The Nitrogen Cycle

Part 2 : Evolutionary, Scaling, and Modeling Studies of CO2 and Stress Interactions
Chapter 11 : Implications of Stress in Low CO2 Atmospheres of The Past : Are Today's Plants Too Conservative for A High CO2 World?
Chapter 12 : Scaling Against Environmental and Biological Variability : General Principles and A Case Study
Chapter 13 : Nutrients : Dynamics and Limitations
Chapter 14 : Ecosystem Modeling of The CO2-Response of Forests on Sites Limited by Nitrogen and Water

Part 3 : Synthesis and Summary
Chapter 15 : Diverse Controls on Carbon Storage Under Elevated CO2 : Toward A Synthesis
Chapter 16 : Interactive Effects of Carbon Dioxide and Environmental Stress on Plants and Ecosystems : A Synthesis


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