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Casting Defects Handbook : Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys

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Title: Casting Defects Handbook : Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys
Author: David Neff
ISBN: 0874333660 / 9780874333664
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 172
Publisher: AFS
Year: 2011
Availability: Out of Stock
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In Casting Defects Handbook: Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys, many of the common types of casting defects encountered in the production of aluminum alloy castings are presented. These defects are categorized by production method: sand-casting, permanent mold, high pressure diecasting, low pressure, investment, plaster and lost foam, with possible causes and, in some cases, prevention techniques listed. The material is presented in an easy-to-review format suitable for foundry floor operators, as well as process engineers, metallurgists and quality control personnel. The book provides a comprehensive visual atlas of the more common casting defects encountered by aluminum foundry personnel, and provides a tool for quick identification. It can also be used to address possible causes and to establish corrective actions.


Chapter 1 : Sand Casting
Chapter 2 : Permanent Mold
Chapter 3 : High Pressure Diecasting
Chapter 4 : Low Pressure Casting
Chapter 5 : Investment Casting
Chapter 6 : Plaster Casting
Chapter 7 : Lost Foam Casting


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